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Target Savings Fund
Education for children

As a parent, we understand the importance of education and we all want to provide good quality education to our children. Setting up a suitable Educational Fund in an early stage can help parents to achieve what they want: pave way for a glorious future for their children.
In addition, the participation by their children in the education fund can help children to understand the importance of financial planning and facilitate the practice of handling financial matters at a young age.

*Please contact our customer service if any enquiry

Retirement Plan

Along with the fast advancement in medical technology, human life is prolonged comparatively to that in the past. It is essential to make adequate financial arrangement to meet the needs of our retirement life which can be much longer than our past generation.Our professional Financial Consultants understand the needs of retirement planning and will provide you with a suitable plan including wealth accumulation, medical and other protection for you and your love-one. We aim to help you to create a glorious retirement life.

*Please contact our customer service if any enquiry