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(A) Funds Deposit & Withdrawal

Funds Deposit

Client can deposit fund by cash, crossed cheque, ATM transfer or Telegraphic Transfer into the following bank accounts of the company:

A/C Name:Glory Sky Global Markets Limited
HANG SENG BANK 239-253594-001
BANK OF CHINA 012-875-0-037263-5 012-875-0-601191-2

Securities Client’s Deposit Notification Hot-line

To provide better service to our securities clients, our company has set up additional hotline to facilitate client’s deposit notification to our securities department. Clients can submit the deposit supporting documents such as bank deposit slip, bank transfer’s copy, etc together though of social network apps such as Whatsapp and WeChat to the hotline.

Securities Client’s Deposit Notification Hot-line:

**If the client has deposited a cheque, please confirm in the notification that the cheque is issued by the securities account holder.

For deposits made by crossed cheque, the cheque must be payable to “Glory Sky Global Markets Limited”. For deposits made via bank, please write down your full name together with your account number on the deposit slip and fax it to (852) 3101-4087 for verification.

E-Banking Bill Payment
In view of the growing popularity of Internet banking, our company has registered as a preset merchant with BOC (Hong Kong) in BOC Internet Banking Service to save our client’s time in arranging fund transfer.

BOC(HK) Internet Bill Payment

For clients with an Internet Banking Account with Bank of China (HK), they just need to log onto your BOC Internet Banking Account, select “Bill Payment” then clients can conduct fund transfer to our company by selecting “Glory Sky Global Markets Limited” under the “Securities Broker” category. After the online fund transfer completed, please fax the print out the online receipt with client’s full name on it to our settlement department at (852) 3101-4087.

Clients need to add our company into the payee for the first time before they can conduct online fund transfer to our company. Select “Bill Maintenance” -> “Registered Bills” -> “Glory Sky Global Markets Limited”. Please enter the securities account number with our company as the pay reference number. Click “confirm” button after checking all inputted information is accurate. Instantly, client will receive a SMS message with the password for verification on the mobile. Simply input the password for verification and the registration has been completed. Furthermore, clients may need to adjust the daily online transfer limit with our company by selecting “Bill Payment”->”Limit Set:->”Limit Setting”. The upper online transfer limit is HKD $1,000,000 per day.

Funds Withdrawal

Download the Cash Withdrawal Request Form. Complete and sign on the form then fax it back to our settlement department at (852) 3101-4087. Client can also submit the cash withdrawal form to any of our branches or head office in person or through your Account Executive. For valid cash withdrawal instructions received before 12:00 noon on each working day, our company will endeavor to deposit the withdrawal amount in the form of crossed cheque into the designated bank account of the client provided in the account opening agreement within the same day. All cheques will be made payable only in the same name of the securities account holder.

  1. For cash withdrawal instruction received after 12:00 noon, our company will arrange withdrawal and deposit the crossed cheque to client account on the next working day.
  2. Cash withdrawal request given through the Internet Trading Account will be processed within 1 working day, and fund will be issued by crossed cheque and deposited into the designated bank account provided by client in the account opening agreement.
  3. Request to issue payment/ cheque to any third party will not be accepted.

(B) Stocks Deposit & Withdrawal

(i) Physical Stock Withdrawals
Clients need to visit our head office or any branches in person and fill in the designated form for the physical stock withdrawal request. In general, request will be processed within 3 working days. Clients need to collect the physical stock in person at our head office during office hours and all charges will be debited in the client’s securities account.

(ii) Physical Stock Deposit
Clients need to bring along with their physical stock in person to our head office or any branches for physical stock deposit. Please note that the physical stock certificates should be in client’s name. Sale order of physical stock will only be accepted by our company normally after 14 working days when the physical stock has been deposited into CCASS and good title of the stock has been obtained.

(iii) Settlement Instruction
For withdrawal of the securities from our company to another brokerage firm or HKSCC investor account, or deposit securities from another brokerage firm or HKSCC investor account to our company, clients please download the Settlement Instruction Form, fill in and submit the original form to our settlement department. All valid settlement instructions will be processed promptly.

(C) Confirmation of Deposit / Withdrawal of Funds / Stocks

Daily / monthly statement will be issued and sent to clients as acknowledgement of fund deposit/ fund withdrawal/ stock deposit or stock withdrawal. For clients with Internet Trading Accounts, they can also view their daily and monthly statement through their Internet Trading Accounts.

(D) HKEx Stock Segregation Account with Statement Service (SSA)

Besides opening investor account with Hong Kong Securities Clearing Limited (HKSCC), clients can choose to open a more convenient type of account with HKSCC, the Stock Segregated Account with Statement Service (“SSA”) through our company. SSA is suitable for those clients normally fully settle their trades before the settlement date.

Advantages of SSA account with Statement Service

  • The SSA account facilitates brokers and custodians to record and report investors’ stockholdings separate from their own
  • Investors do not need to handle stock movements themselves following the execution of buy or sell orders. The investors’ brokers or custodians will administer the movements of stocks into and out of a SSA
  • Investors can check movements and balances of stocks in the SSA, giving voting instructions and affirm stock transfers electronically through the CCASS Phone System and the CCASS Internet System
  • Investors can select to receive email or SMS alert messages on stock movement activities
  • Investors can select to affirm instructions before any movements of stock our of a SSA either on a ‘Free of Payment’ or ‘Delivery Against Payment’ basis
  • Investors can receive corporate communications, including annual reports and notices of corporate activities, direct from share registrars
  • Investors are not recognised by HKSCC as holders of SSA

Clients with SSA can track their stockholdings through the CCASS Phone System and the CCASS Internet System and their stockholdings separate from those of the brokers and custodians. Clients with SSA can receive email or SMS alert messages on stock movement activities from the HKEx. For more information on the opening of SSA, please contact your responsible Account Executive or our branch officers. You can also visit HKEx website for more details.

* The above information is for reference only and subject to change without prior notice.