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Physical Gold Trading

  Open Physical Gold Trading Account  

  Complete “Physical Gold Trading Account
Application” and “Agreement for Physical
Gold Trading”

  Receive a email confirmation with login ID
and Password for Physical Gold Trading

  Login the Platform to check the gold
prices and other information. Trading
hours is from 9:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.

  Make deposit and send us the bank-in slip  

  Check the deposit from the Platform and
start trading

  Make appointment for physical delivery
from the Platform

Pledge of Physical Gold

  Pledge of Physical Gold for credit
facilities in Spot Precious Metals Trading

  Purchase Gold Bar from
Physical Gold Trading Platform

  Complete “Memorandum of
Pledge of Physical Gold”

  Credit amount can reach as
high as 80% of gold price

  To cancel the Pledge,
complete “Memorandum of
Return of Pledge”